More about Transvalia School • Meer oor Transvalia-Skool

Transvalia School is a school for children who suffer from epilepsy and / or experience learning disabilities. These children are dependent on the specialised, individualised services, medical and neurological services, boarding facilities and audio support system that the school provides. These services are provided for learners from Grade 1 to Grade 3 in Afrikaans and Grade 4 to Grade 12 through the mediums of both Afrikaans and English. Transvalia School follows the National Curriculum (CAPS) as prescribed by the Gauteng Department of Education.

Vision & Mission • Visie & Missie

Om die toonaangewende skool in die land te wees vir leerders met epilepsie en/of leerprobleme.

Om vir ons leerders, met hulle spesifieke probleme:

  • ’n Veilige omgewing te skep waarin hulle onvoorwaardelik aanvaar word en waarin hulle hul volle potensiaal kan ontwikkel;
  • Doeltreffende onderwys, wat hulle spesifieke behoeftes in ag neem, te voorsien;
  • Die geestelike en emosionele toerusting te gee waarmee hulle hul plek in die samelewing sal kan volstaan;
  • Kennis, vaardighede en waardes aan te leer wat van hulle produktiewe en verantwoordelike lede van die gemeenskap sal maak.

To be a leading school for learners who suffer from epilepsy and/or learning disabilities.

To do the following for our learners with their special needs:

  • Create a safe environment in which they are accepted unconditionally and in which they can develop their full potential.
  • Provide effective education which takes their particular needs into account.
  • Equip them spiritually and emotionally so that they can fulfil their roles in society.
  • Teach them the skills, knowledge and values that will send them as productive and responsible persons into the community.